ERP Expert Teams

Below are the expert teams assembled to implement the University's ERP.

Expert Functional and Technical Teams have been established to learn the software and tools, to actively participate in decision-making, and to carry out the work of its assigned portion of the project plan. They will be led by team leaders and meet when called by the team leader. Members of each team will represent the perspectives of their individual departments while working toward the goal of achieving what’s best for the university as a whole. Team members will also help communicate project progress and issues to their constituent organizations.

From the Dropdown box below, please select a team to obtain a membership list. Click on the name of the team member to send email. To change the sort order, click the column name at the top of the display.

Namesort descending Department Title Phone Number Role
Adele Bulliard Scholarships Director (337) 482-6552 Member
Antoinette Brown Financial Aid Assistant Director (337) 482-6528 Member
Cindy Perez Financial Aid Director (337) 482-6504 Lead
Greg Ohlenforst Institutional Research Research Analyst (337) 482-6979 Member
Jennifer Abrams Office of Information Systems SFA Support Specialist (337) 482-6238 Member
Jerilyn Broussard Administrative Services Acctg Spclst Spvsr (337) 482-6249 Member
Kim Tanner Financial Aid Assistant Director (337) 482-6498 Member
Lainie Hebert Financial Aid Associate Director (337) 482-5893 Co-Lead
Selena Cormier Financial Aid Accountant II (337) 482-6503 Member
Yvonne Lanoux Scholarships Assistant Director (337) 482-6515 Member