ERP Expert Team Leads

Below are the team leads/co-leads of the University expert teams assembled to implement the ERP.

The team leaders will be assigned to the University Implementation Team. They will report the activities of the team to the University Implementation Team and coordinate the activities of the team with other teams through the University Implementation Team. The Project Manager will be a member of the University Implementation Team.

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Namesort descending Department Phone Number Team Role
Aimee D. Bullinger Office of Communications & Marketing (337) 482-5519 Portal Lead
Amy DesOrmeaux Registrar's Office (337) 482-6290 Admissions Co-Lead
Amy DesOrmeaux Registrar's Office (337) 482-6290 Student Co-Lead
Andy Benoit Admissions (337) 482-6474 Admissions Lead
Andy Benoit Admissions (337) 482-6474 Student Co-Lead
Brian Dore University Computer Support Services (337) 482-5343 Technical Co-Lead
Charlene Hamilton Human Resources (337) 482-6251 Human Resources Co-Lead
Cindy Perez Financial Aid (337) 482-6504 Financial Aid Lead
Corey Faul Human Resources (337) 482-6247 Human Resources Co-Lead
Dawn Provost Continuing Education (337) 482-6351 Professional Development/Continuing Education Lead
Debra Calais Financial Services (337) 482-6199 Finance Lead
Elizabeth Rose Office of Communications & Marketing (337) 482-1626 Portal Co-Lead
John Joubert University Computer Support Services (337) 482-9026 Technical Lead
Lainie Hebert Financial Aid (337) 482-5893 Financial Aid Co-Lead
Lisa Landry Administrative Services (337) 482-5430 Finance Lead
Lisa Lord Institutional Research (337) 482-6863 Reporting Lead
Loretta Singleton Advancement Services (337) 482-0911 Advancement Co-Lead
Luke Dowden Distance Education (337) 482-6022 Professional Development/Continuing Education Co-Lead
Mary Farmer-Kaiser Graduate School (337) 482-6965 Admissions Co-Lead
Mickey Diez Registrar's Office (337) 482-6291 Student Lead
Patrick Landry University Computer Support Services (337) 482-6417 Technical Lead
Robert McKinney Faculty Affairs (337) 482-5319 Faculty Lead
Sheri Desormeaux Advancement Services (337) 482-0911 Advancement Co-Lead
Susan Miller Human Resources (337) 482-6248 Human Resources Lead