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Say goodbye to CLIDs

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Banner and new ULink training update

As new features are activated in Banner and ULink, training will be provided to the campus by the IT Help Desk.

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Finance is live in Banner

The functions and data related to financial services in Banner have been launched.

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Big changes are coming with the implementation of the new Banner ERP. Some changes only affect certain groups on campus, while other changes will affect everyone.

One of the most far-reaching changes is the shift from using CLIDs to ULIDs. The new Banner system only recognizes ULIDs, so rather than expect everyone to remember two login names and passwords, the decision was made to phase out CLIDs.

This will be a slow transition. ULIDs will be used on the Banner system as well as ULink, while CLIDs will continue to be used to log on to computers and access files on campus for several months. Eventually, the ULID and password will be used to log on to all University systems.

There’s good news in all of this. The University is also implementing a single sign-on procedure that will allow users to log in to all systems through one page. Once logged in, users can access everything from Moodle to webmail without having to re-enter their information. 

Don’t worry; there will be plenty of notice as CLIDs fall out of use.

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